VAN TASSEL genealogy, Generations 1 & 2

1 1 Jan Cornelius Van TEXEL 1625 1704

On the LDS Ancestral file, Annetje's father is listed as Albert Albertse Terhune. From other sources Albert Albertse Terhune indeed had a daughter, Annetje, born c. 1651 and his wife was Gerrtje Denyce. Quotation unconfirmed 12/4/97.

5/1/1657 Alberts Annetje b c 1643 in Midwont, Flatbush, NY - d 10/13/1731. unconfirmed **

2 Catrina 1664 3 Cornelius 1/7/1688
4 Sarah 1670 5 Grietje Margaret 1672
6 Jacob bp 7/23/1676 7 Jan bp 5/1/1678
8 Wilem (William) bp10/6/1678 2001 Annetje (Anna) bp 10/9/1683 d before 1705 **

2 2 Catrina Van TEXEL 1664 c 1758

Catrina Van TEXEL was born in Midout, Flatbush, Long Island NY. Hendrick LENT was baptized in the Dutch Reform Church in New Amsterdam Holland 9/28/1662. Henrick was an Elder in the Old Dutch Church in Tarrytown Westchester Co NY where he lived. Hendrick adopted the family name of "LENT" and over the years, his descendants can be found in the records of Westchester Co, and scattered to other places. (See Riker Annuels of Newton)

no date LENT Hendrick Ahbramsen bp 9/26/1662 (Van LENT) s/ Abraham & Greta (nee Van Hammersan) LENT

Abraham LENT bp 3/12/1684

Jan LENT bp 6/16/1686

Henrick LENT bp 7/9/1681

Antje LENT bp 3/1689 m Carel DAVIDSE (Davids) who was born in Canada
........Henry Davidse m # 32 Antejie Van TEXEL
........Isaac Davidse m # 61 Wyntie Van TEXEL
Margaret LENT bp 3/20/1687 **
Cornelia LENT bp 4/21/1687 **
Aeltje LENT bp 4/24//1699 m 10/7/1721 Matthias De RONDE **

2 3 Cornelius Van TEXEL 1/7/1668 c 1757

Cornelius had seven children by each wife. He was appointed Deacon of the Old Dutch Church at Sleepy Hollow 8/17/1709 and served as an Elder of the Church in 1723. The family lived in the Saw Mill River Valley about one mile from the present village of Elmsford, Westchester Co NY.

no date STORM Antije [1670 - 5/20/1713]; d/ Dirck & Maria Peters (nee Van Mont Foort) STORM **
1713 KRAUKHEYT Weyntje Herrickse (Crankheyt) (widow of Abraham de REVIERE) **

9 Johannis bp 4/22/1696 Sponsors were Arent Fredxcen & Hewster Nathaniels
10 Maria (Maerytie) bp 9/2/1698
11 Dirck (Derek) bp 4/24/1699
12 Antje 1702
13 Hendrick bp 3/20/1704
14 Hester bp 3/25/1706
15 Aeltje bp 3/25/1706
16 Abraham (Aberhaem) bp 5/25/1714
17 Jacobus (James) bp 4/18/1716 **
18 Wyntie bp 7/18/1717
19 Catrina bp 4/21/1719
20 Jacob bp 8/31/1720
21 Thunnis bp 4/24/1722
22 Sara bp 4/25/1724

Kraukheyt or Crankheyt means "Bad Health", something neither Cornelius nor his second wife had.See Also STORM Genealogy.Second name of Wyntje Krankheit from the NET; unconfirmed, alsoWyntie Herrickse Crankheit b c 1684 bp 3/1684 d/ Teunis Herricksen Crankheit & Sophia Wiltssee

2 4 Sarah Van TEXEL 3/3/1670 NY no date NJ

They lived in the Upper part of the Manor of Philipsburgh, called by the Indians "Weekvaskeck" and by the Lord of the Manor "Philipsburgh". Children were all baptized in the Old Dutch Church at Sleepy Hollow. Shortly after the baptism of Sarah, the family must have moved away as no further mention of the name appears in the records of the Old Dutch Church at Sleepy Hollow, nor in the records of Philipsburgh. From the WEB 7/18/98 information has that Barent DeWITT died after 1723 in Rariton River, Somerset NJ.

no date DeWITT Barent b 1666 s/ Jacob & Tryntie (nee Dutcher) DeWITT **

Arie Ary Andreas DeWITT 1695 see DeWITT genealogy
Paulus DeWITT bp 4/21/1697 see DeWITT genealogy
Petrus Peterus DeWITT bp 4/21/1697 m Sarah Unknown, Somerset NJ
Catherine DeWITT bp 4/24/1699 see DeWITT genealogy
Barent DeWITT bp 3/25/1706 see DeWITT genealogy
Sarah DeWITT bp 6/19/1700 m before 6/19/1728 Leonard SMOCK **
Titus DeWITT no date see DeWITT genealogy
Sidney DeWITT no date m Adam DeLONG **
Rebecca DeWITT no date m George Lunwick **
Charles DeWITT no date m William Beu KANE **
Charles DeWITT no date m Laura Beu Kane **
William DeWITT no date m Ada NEVILLE **

Barent DeWITT was a tax collector of the District in which he resided in 1693 and 1694. In six of the receipts given him for money collected and paid into Chidley Broke, the County Treasurer, he is first called "Barnes White" then called "Barent Witt" and finally "Barent De Witt".

2 5 Margaret Grietje 1672 no date

It is believed that Pieter STORM was born in Den Bosch, Brabent, Holland. After the birth of their children, Peter and Margaret moved from the Manor at Philipsburgh to Dutchess Co NY.** New information 11/22/97 from Jim Forrest shed new light on this file. see Dutch Colony Genealogy

c 1696 STORM Pieter b 1658 (Holland); s/ Dirck & Maria Peters (nee Van Mont Foort) STORM **

Dirck 1697 see allied lines
Antje bp 4/24/1699 **
Maria bp 8/20/1700 **
Catherine bp 8/18/1702 **
Johannis bp 3/28/1705 see allied lines
Sara bp 3/25/1706 **
Petronella bp 6/1/1709 see allied lines
David bp 3/21/1711 dy **
Gregorus bp 3/24/1713 **
Margaret bp 8/21/1716 **

Dirck & Maria STORM arrived in New Amsterdam NY in August of 1662. The entry of "The Fox" [de Vos] ships list of passengers reads "Dirck STORM from the Mayory of Bosch, with wife and three children". Peter is brother to Gregorus and David STORM.

Annetje STORM - Jacob Drom
....Hannah Drom - Wolfert Acker
........Jemima Acker - Samuel Washburn
............Hannah Washburn - David Richards
................Ruby Richards - Levi Merritt
....................Bartholomew Merritt - Emily Clark

Additional information from Mike Wolfe on NET:
Additional information from Jerry Masker.
Additional information from Jim Forrest.

2 6 Jacob Van TEXEL bp 7/23/1676 no date

They lived at New York, New York Co., NY. Estimated deathdate for Jacob is 1722-1768 Towne family newsletter. See STORM Genealogy.

1687 STORM Aeltie bp 10/31/1680 Brooklyn; d/ Dirck & Maria Peters (nee Van Mont Foort) STORM

23 Johannis bp 4/24/1699
24 Annetje bp 3/10/1704 **
25 Hendrick bp 3/25/1706
26 Marytie bp 3/30/1708
27 Cornelius bp 11/8/1710
28 William bp 3/24/1713
29 Theodore "Theodorus" 1718
30 Catherine bp 8/31/1720

2 7 Jan Cornelius Van TEXEL bp 5/1/1678 1727

An the very early Old Dutch Church at Sleepy Hollow records we find Jan Cornelius Van TEXEL and his wife listed as early members of the Church. Jan was a Deacon from 8/1716 to 1717 and was ordained an Elder on 8/20/1727. From the marriage record we learn that the wife was born on Long Island, and that each was living in the Highlands, upon the lands of Steven Van Cortlandt.

10/5/1700 SPRINGSTEEN Catharina b 4/6/1684; d/ Joost (Justus) Casper & Magdelena (nee Jensen) SPRINGSTEEN **

31 Magdalena bp 3/20/1704
32 Annetje bp 3/25/1707
33 Johannis 1708
34 Cornelia (Jannette) bp 11/6/1711
35 Albertus bp 5/25/1714
36 Henrickus bp 4/18/1716
37 Catherina bp 4/2/1719
38 Jacob bp 4/23/1723

2 8 Willem (William) Van TEXEL bp 10/6/1681 no date

They were both members of the Old Dutch Church at Sleepy Hollow and lived on the Manor of Cortlandt, Westchester Co NY.**

no date KRAUKHEYT Weyntie (Lavina) b 5/1/1680; d/ Abraham KRAUKHEYT **

39 Marytie bp 4/1/1702 dy **
40 Jan bp 4/1/1704 dy **
41 Jan bp 8/22/1705
42 Marytie bp 8/22/1705
43 Abraham bp 6/1/
44 Antje bp 6/5/1711
45 Sara bp 3/25/ 46 Rachel bp 5/25/1714 47 Lea bp 4/18/
48 Cornelia bp 10/29/1717 **
49 Jacob bp 10/16/1719

2 2001 Annatje Van TEXEL bp 10/9/1683 < 1705

This report comes from Conklin genealogy posted on WEB and discovered 3/15/98. We list it here as a probable to this Anntje Van TEXEL. This entire file is unconfirmed.

no date CONKLON Elias [ c 1694 - c 1734] later married Christina ECKER 4/24/1717 **

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